Chris Armstrong Seeks Restraining Order Against Obsessed Andrew Shirvell …..

Chris Armstrong and Andrew Shirvell are expected to come face-to-face in a Washtenaw County courtroom on Monday afternoon.

For months, Shirvell, a state assistant attorney general, has been following Armstrong, the University of Michigan student body president, around campus and town to protest against him.

Shirvell has appeared outside Armstrong’s Ann Arbor home, at a meeting of the Michigan Student Assembly and even staged a counter-protest to a protest Armstrong was leading.

At every stop and on an online blog, Shirvell has attacked what he calls Armstrong’s “radical homosexual agenda.”

Armstrong, the university’s first openly gay student body president, last month asked the Washtenaw County Trial Court to issue a personal protection order against Shirvell. That order would bar Shirvell from talking to Armstrong, being in the same area as Armstrong or sending him e-mails or Facebook messages.

I hope Armstrong is granted the restraining order because Shirvell is a psycho. Wtf? When you are stalking and harassing someone because of demented reasoning, you got problems.

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