Friday, September 3, 2010

Gay's Marrying In the Sky...

Gay's are always doing something entertaining and creative.  

In December, Scandinavian airline SAS will host the first-ever in-flight gay ceremony.

The question over who will tie the knot is still up in the air, as SAS looks for the perfect couple to participate in the mile-high ceremony from Stockholm to New York.

The ceremony will take place in Swedish territory, where gay marriage is legal.

"It will be a very traditional wedding," SAS spokesman Anders Lindstroem told AFP. "There will be wedding cake and dancing in the aisles."

Besides getting a free flight, the couple will receive three nights at the W Hotel in New York and a honeymoon in Los Angeles. The couple will forgo packets of peanuts for a special wedding buffet during the flight.

The winners will be selected by online voters. Contestants are asked by SAS to upload photos and video and answer questions like what they love most about their partner.

Approximately 35 couples have signed up so far from all over the world, including Norway, Denmark, the UK, Malta and China.

Andrey and Konstantin, from Russia, said they wanted to get married mid-flight because gay marriage is currently illegal in Russia.

The duo said they want to express their love for each other "where no borders can stop our feelings."


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