Everyone Can See What You Are Stroking To…

While some could care less, others may freak!

U.S. companies are tracking porn downloads from networks like BitTorrent, and experts say they are easy prey for hackers.

Last night we linked to Kashmir Hill’s story on 5,000 Brits suspected of pirating porn, who had their names and addresses leaked online after 4chan users attacked the servers of an anti-piracy law firm. CNET’s Greg Sandoval has since investigated whether such an embarrassing breach could happen in the U.S., and come up with a definite “yes.” “There’s no doubt about it,” Justin Brookman of the Center for Democracy and Technology tells him. “These companies…can track your information and create detailed records about you…once they get it there are very few protections in place.”

So start payin’ or they will know why you’re sprayin’… Ewww…Hot!

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