Friday, September 17, 2010

Acid Woman A Hoax...

WTF? Bethany Storro, who claimed to police that a woman threw acid on her face outside of a Starbucks in Vancouver, Wash., on Aug. 30. Has now admitted that she made the whole thing up and in fact it was she who poured the acid on herself.

Ok when i first heard the story i thought how sick people are to do things like that. It reminded me of the time, a few years back when a woman in NY was entering the subway and some crazy ass sliced her face with a knife. However, i have to say, that when i saw Storro on the news talking about the attack, i had this feeling that something wasn't right about her story. It wasn't that i did not believe a person would do something so heinous like that, but it was the way she was acting during the news conference. It was like she was amused by all the attention, she enjoyed it. Of course people with argue that everyone handles things differently and all though i believe that to a certain degree, there was not a hint of anger or anguish in her. She loved the attention. It's quite clear she needs some mental help...

"During the course of the investigation, several discrepancies began to emerge regarding the alleged attack," Vancouver Police Chief Clifford Cook said today, according to KOMO News.

Police served a search warrant at Storro's home this morning and removed several items. They did not say what those items were.

After the search, police interviewed Storro again, and they said she admitted she made up the whole thing.


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