Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Is Bull Shizzz....

izz: Leave the Bulls alone...I'm sure Peta is all over this shit and they should be. Spain is so inhumane to Bulls, between their bull fighting and running with the bulls. I don't care if it has been a tradition in the country for centuries, we are in a different time. Its in humane. So i cant say i blame the bull in this video for having enough and going bat shitz and trying to escape. 

Apparently the bull was being pulled from the ring for "under performing"  but jumped into the crowd instead to make its escape. It injured 40 people, one got gored. Ouch. Then the bull was finally calmed down and then killed...Nice, they provoke it (not the spectators) in the ring then kill it when it goes crazy....WTF Spain? Enough.

p.s The video does not show the bull being killed, just so you know. I would never post that.


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