Thursday, August 5, 2010

Prop 8 Rally Photos...

Ok, It is 3:50 in the morning and i just got up to pee (my usual nightly time) but i could not go back to sleep until i posted these pics of the Prop Hate rally in West Hollywood. 

Let me give you a little back story first. For the last few weeks i have been in Conn. (my home state) visiting my family. Now when i left LA i thought for sure that the decision would be handed down while i was away, however the timing off my return to LA could not have been more perfect. I returned back on Tuesday night. My ex aka The Cush, picked me up from Burbank airport and we gorged at Del taco. Yeah i know but i was so high from snorting 3 Xanax (ok, i swallowed) from the flight, that you could have put a brontosaurus burger in front of me and i would have scarfed it down. (btw, the bacon double cheese burger with fries is yum) ok then we got home and decided to watch the documentary on prop hate called "8 The Mormon Moron Proposition". Cush had watched it a few nights earlier and told me to breath before it started because he knew my Italian with a splash of Arab roots could sent me all sorts of crazy. Fortunately i was high on the xany so as pissed as i normally would have been watching how the Morons dirty deeds took away our rights, i laughed through most of it at their insanity. Ok the glass of 2 buck chuck also helped. (I think i'm revealing to much...)

After it finished i then went to my computer (for some alone time, wink wink) and read on yahoo that the decision was going to be released the next day. What timing. Now of course all along my friends were telling me and from what i was reading that the decision would be in our favor, but still you never know. However i followed the case closely and read the entire transcript from the trial and knew in my heart that any judge could render no other answer. 

Then of course the decision was handed down. My relief, joy, empowerment and belief that equality comes to those who deserve and fight for their rights was met. It truly was a glorious moment... I then of course went to the rally in WEHO. I thought that it would be a great empowering event but i never expected to see both attorney's, Ted Olson and David Boise and the plaintiffs Paul Katami, Jeff Zarrillo and Kris Perry, Sandy Stier to be there along with Dustin Lance Black and LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. I thought for sure they would be in San Fran. All of their speeches were truly invigorating. So i will now shut up and show you the pictures i took from the rally for the death of prop 8...

p.s. The theme song for the rally was Bruce Springsteen "Born in the USA" they could not have picked a better song. (besides the fact that the Boss is my favorite singer) It was great when they it cam blasting out after the rally...So i put it n my player to the right...

Mayor Antonio Villaraigos

Ted Olson and David Boise talking to Anderson Cooper

Dustin Lance Black

Plaintiff Kris Perry

Plaintiff and Kris Perry soon to be wife Sandy Stier

 Plaintiff Paul Katami 

Jeff Zarrillo, Paul Katami's soon to be husband

Ted Olson

David Boise

Rob Reiner

Love this!

Love the signs in this pic


All of the players

And finally, I believe this picture says what this fight is all about...


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