Gay Student Sues High School For Their Stupid Rules…

izz: This is so dumb, i don’t even know where to begin. This story takes place in a little southern bible beating town called Jackson, Mississippi. Ceara Sturgis is a lesbian high school student who’s picture was not allowed in her senior year section because the school has a policy of discrimination banning girls from wearing tuxedos in the yearbook. Are you kidding me? 
So of course (my bitchez) the ACLU dropped a law suit on the alter of the Copiah County School District saying that they discriminated against her because of sex and gender stereotypes. Her photo AND name was left out of the senior section.
As you may recall, not too long back Mississippi was also the show down for another lesbian student,Constance McMillen, who was denied the right to go to her prom because she wanted to wear a tuxedo and bring her girlfriend. 
What is with these archaic policies? They are beyond reason. Who cares and more importantly who does it hurt if she wears a tuxedo in her yearbook picture? I really need to know how this affects ANYONE other then Ceara Sturgis. I also really like to know, how do policies like this come into place? If you bring it down to core, it is actually quite simple. Homophobia. Think about it. There can be no other logical answer to this. Miss. is in the heart of the bible belt, lets make no bones about that. They are ruled by christian conservatives who believe that homosexuality is beyond sin, an abomination is more like it. In their minds, a girl dressing like a boy or vice-versa, would be promoting the gay lifestyle. And that is a big no no to their morals and values discriminating ways. Its that simple.
How adults can do this shit to kids is beyond me. When following what you’re told the rules of your “faith” are, is more important then a child, you are a sick individual…
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