Target and Best Buy Petition…

izz: I posted last week about Targhetto donating $150, 000 grand to a committee who supports the campaign of gay hater, bigoted and all around asshole Tom Emmer who is running for Gestapo Governor of Minnesota. Well now Best Bi Buy has donated another $100, 000 grand to it. WTF? Emmer has ties with to “Christian” (and i say that as loosely as Ted Haggards ass opens and wife Gail slips her double headed strap in) rock band that promotes violence and killing gays. Again, WTF Targhetto and Best Bi?? 

Both these companies have had a solid record with being a fair and equal work place for the LGBT employees. So one begs to ask why would they donate to such a hateful committee? 

Well you know if an ant farts in outer space the HRC is on it and true to form they have already taken up the cause…Love them. The HRC is publishing a full-page ad in the Minn. Star-Tribune and have come up with a letter that you can sign your name to, telling both companies we are pissed and demanding that they donate an equal amount to equality minded candidates…go here to sign the petition, it only takes seconds to do so.

To be honest i think the Supreme Court made a very bad decision in letting companies contribute to political campaigns. I see both sides of the coin, but wtf were they thinking?

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