Lezie’s Cured, Watch out Clarice!

izz:This is all we need to further keep the religious freaks on their crusades. Dr. Maria New of Mt. Sinai School of Medicine is working on a new hormonal drug that is believe to prevent lesbianism. put a stop to females that have “abnormal” masculine tendencies, such as disinterest in babies, childrearing, and girl’s toys, or “masculine” career preferences.(this last one is funny!) ..Now before all the tool belts start flying and the kegs start rolling. Here is what they said:

The drug is actuallly being researched for the disease Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH). CAH is a condition that, among other side affects, causes masculinized, androgynous genitals in females due to excess amounts of prenatal androgens—a generic word for naturally occurring hormones. Which causes low birth rates in women.

So it’s intentions are for women having trouble getting pregnant but i know what your thinking. I have thoughts running through my head of bible beaters having there teanage Rosie O’Donnell daughters being shot up across America…I’m still waiting on the drug that cures stupidity. Then just think, all the bible beaters and conservative republicans can be cured! “What a wonderful world”… Cocktail anyone…

read the deets at 365gay

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