Killer Grizzly Captured….

izz: A Grizzly believed to be the one that killed one man and attacked a women and teenage boy at Yellowstone, has been trapped and a DNA test is being ran to determine if it matches the DNA at the scene. Who would ever have thought you could use DNA to nab a killer bear?

The female Grizz was also captured with her 2 cubs. The bear will most likely be destroyed if it is found guilty. The cubs will probably be raised in a preserve. 

“When you have cubs at the side of a bear that did this, they probably won’t be released into the wild,” he said. “There’s a limit to what can be tolerated by the public for its safety.” said Ron Aasheim, spokesman for the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department.

The attack tool place in the early morning at Soda Butte campground. Apparently the bear came in to the campsite, mauled to death a man, then bit a teenage boy on his leg and then attacked Deb Freele, 58, from Ontario who was sleeping an awoke when the bear bit her arm. She said after screaming and realizing the attack was getting worse she played dead and the bear left her alone. All three victims were in there tents at the time of the attack. WTF?

Ok eff this shit. I wont swim in the ocean because of sharks, great whites in particular, you would not catch me in a tent in Yellowstone or Yosemite that is for shit sure. Cabin only bitchez….I fell bad for the cubs, with a crazy ass mother like that. Those cubs are gonna need psychological counseling…But i feel worse for the man’s family…uggg…

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