You must watch this gay Ex-gay bash the gays…Oh Mary….

izz: This is some funny shitz..I gotta say. This dumb bitch Adam Hood, a “former” gay, yeah right, the scarf, brows, hair and elongated sissy twang, really makes us and himself a believer. This one is first in line at the bath house every Sunday morning after church. Praise Jesus.  Apparently he found god after a heroin binge in the Castro. Well where else would you find him? Oh god, you devil. Adam, honey, i’m glad that you traded in your heroin needle for a botox needle (and i’d say your addiction habits are still strong) but seriously girly, your nasty rants about the culture you once “belonged” to wink wink, isn’t very christian of you now is it? 

Here is some advice from my Dear Izzoiz column: Don’t be knocking the group you are going to be begging for forgiveness from when you get caught tied up, with a rent boy hooker that you met taping your foot in a an airport bathroom after scorning some black tar.

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