Thursday, June 17, 2010

Softball team banned because of Lesbian coach...

Jana J. Jacobson the coach says that after her team joined the Bellevue Baptist Church league, she was questioned about her sexual orientation by administrators.

“Finally, in my frustration, I said that I am going to be clear. I am gay, and I find all of this to be absurd and against the word of God as I know it,” Jacobson said of a meeting with Bellevue officials.
        Church officials allegedly then banned Jacobson’s team from the church league.

According to Jacobson, Scotty Shows, the church's recreation administrator also attended the second meating, told her that because she was gay the team could not play. She was told the team's participation would send a message to the Bellevue members that the church condoned her lifestyle.

izz: Ok, i have said this before Southern Baptist are the most fucked up, bigoted assholes there are. Trust me i know two of them. First off its softball, you idiots. WTF? I know what the truth is here, those "southern baptist sissies" knew dam well their ass's were going to get handed to them by the big ol lezzies....LOLS! dam that would have been fun to see!

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