So Long Larry….

izz: Larry King announced that his is leaving his talk show after 25 years at CNN. He said he will still doing specials for CNN. Over the years i have watched Larry and i especially loved when Nancy Grace “Larry!” would be on, but some times it was hard watching him because it was like he was not even listening to the guests, was ill prepared or just bull dozing through the interview. I guess though after 25 years it’s time to hang it up. God knows the man as accomplished a lot and to still be working at 76 you gotta give him creds for that! I do like the format of his show though, just he and the guests sitting there chatting. I had a brief exchange with him one time at a party in Beverly Hills once, we were both at another Robert Shapiro event and i was eating and he came over to the table to ask me if we were being served and i had to explain to him that it was buffet and show him to the buffet table. LOLS, its not funny when i write it but it but his gruffness was hilarious at the time. He was HUNGRY!

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