KFC not Green Forest Friendly…

izz: Apparently KFC has been destroying the pristine Green Swamp in southeastern North Carolina to make the buckets for their chicken according to Dogwood Alliance, an environmental activist group who is on KFC’S ass. And let me say this, I love environmental groups because they don’t take the bullshit. They are the last people you want in your hen house. I have only had KFC once in my life and that was enough. Although i will say the skinless breast was tasty, still the whole experience was hideous. Give me a whopper any day. I’m Italian so i didn’t grow up on fried chicken, we never had it. My Mother would never go to a KFC. So i can live without going to one. But Taco Bell is owned by the same company as KFC and bitch there is no way i can live without my cheese quesadilla with a side of nacho cheese sauce, so they better fix this bucket shitz fast!

here are the deets:

The Green Swamp is not old-growth forest. But it is an intact southern swampland of the type that was once common, but is now rare. According to the National Scenic Byways Program, the region is “dense with unique botanical qualities. Unusual plants and flowers can be seen throughout the Green Swamp.” The Nature Conservancy adds that the Green Swamp “is the center of an incredibly rich assembly of plant life. Featuring a complex of longleaf pine savannas and limesink ponds bound together by thousands of acres of pocosin (a type of evergreen shrub bog), the area is home to more than 400 vascular plant species and provides habitat for animals such as red-cockaded woodpecker and black bear.” Want to see a meat-eating venus flytrap or a carnivorous pitcher plant in the wild? This is one of the few places to do that, but habitat is fast disappearing.

KFC does not want to talk about the Green Swamp. In response to an email about the issue, spokesman Rick Maynard sent me a generic statement. “KFC is as committed to the environment as we are to our food and to our customers. We are proud of the steps we have taken so far to reduce our environmental footprint and are committed as a brand to do even more in the in future. It’s an ongoing journey and we are keeping our customers informed along the way.”

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