Gay boys are thinner then Straight boys….

So it took studying 67,000 Mass. people to figure this out. All they had to do was go from gay bar to straight bar, i think that would about summed up the survey without any cost except a $14 dollar apple martini at Boy bar and a $3 dollar Bud at Hooters and a Melissa Etheridge concert … 

Here is the break down: 21 per cent of straight men were classed as obese, only 14 per cent of gay men were.
Conversely, they found that 26 per cent of lesbians were obese, compared to 17 per cent of straight women. (sorry girls i mean sirs, :)

Also they found that gay men and lesbians were more likely to smoke than straight people and lesbians were more likely to be at risk of heart disease than straight women. Not good, queers and lezzies time to put those fags, i mean ciggs out! It’s trashy. They 80′s are ova. unfortunately :( ….white lines blowing through my mind….

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