Thursday, June 10, 2010

Call her Miss Diana Ross

Ok so last night my friend BV and i went to see Diana Ross at the Nokia theater in downtown Los Angeles. Now of course like every good little gay boy (or most) i love me some Diana, my Itouch is loaded, from the Supremes to I will survive and everything in between. When you think of Motown the first songs that come in your head is anything from the Supremes, well for me anyway. I had never seen Diana in concert before last night. I had 2 encounters with her in person however. The first was at attorney Robert Shapiro's charity event. Diana was mingling and standing next to me, then she proceeded to say excuse me to get by, i obliged and no lie, her hair went into my mouth. I swear! If i thought fast enough i would have chomped my fangs down and clipped a piece. The second encounter i had with her, i was a Bristol Farms on Beverly in LA. it's a chi chi little food market. It was about 730-8 at night and as i was walking by one of the food displays there she was, with basket in hand just doing some shopping. Her famous hair, a bit of make up but not covering up at all. The second you saw her you knew it was Diana.
Now for me, I love to watch the other people  notice celebrities. It's fun to watch their reactions. So i hovered a bit. Plus it was Miss Ross come on! I walked by her we exchanged smiles and then i hunkered down to watch. Um, i should have know better, i was in LA. People are so self absorbed no one even noticed her. Every single person was engrossed with either their crackberry's, texting, talking to each other, blah blah blah, so i gave up.
Then at one point i found my self kneeling down reaching for a loaf of bread ( yes i know, bread, carbs and gay don't mix, but it was whole wheat, small slice and I'm Italian, so give me a break) when i turned to get up Diana was standing right next to me, our eyes locked and i said, "i love you Diana" and she said "thank you, I love you too baby". hysterical.

So back to the show last night. I was not expecting much and what i mean by that is this, she has been doing this for 40 something years, she is in her 60's not what people call "prime" so i thought it would be a fun walk down memory lane...Boy, was i in for a surprise. The minute she hit the stage i could not believe what i heard here voice was much better then i believe anything captured on recordings by her. Live she is far better. Truly. Every song she did was a hit from 60's up til the 90's and most people stood the entire time, you couldn't help but not. ( i will admit i had to take a seat at times only because of my sciatica). She did a nice tribute to Michael Jackson, his kids were there somewhere in the audience as was Barry Gordy.

But here are the two parts of the show that stood out for me the most. A little more than half way through the show she does a couple of songs from "Lady Sings the blues" and i will say it was a vocal stunner. The control, smoothness and strength of her voice was unreal. My other favorite part of the show was when she did her first Supremes song, which was Reflections. As she was singing it, on the screen in the background was the footage of her and the girls through out their incredible career. Watching her sing and to see that footage of a time before i was born, that is so iconic to me was just plain unreal....

I suggest if you can, go and see Diana. Trust me she is in her prime....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the colorful memory of last night. Your favorite moments were mine also plus one.The other moment, the tribute to Michael. Just loved loved every minute of the show.

Billy K.

Izzoiz said...

thanks Billy yes your are right the MJ was another favorite. Very moving! thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Great review and story. I saw her in Chicago, Detroit, and Knoxville. She is Truly amazing... at any age. !Thanks Dewayne

Izzoiz said...

wow you are a fan! your like a dead it! yes she was amazing thanks for the comment Dewayne!

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