Another closeted repulican politician…

Mike Rogers is reporting that Mark Kirk the republican candidate for senate from Illinois is a closeted gay man. Here we go again. Now his voting record for the gays is nothing even close to the bad record of the other closeted politicians such as Larry Craig, Charlie Crist and others. Kirk is actually the co sponsor of ENDA. He did however vote against the repeal of DADT. This is why Rogers outed him. I personally like Mike Rogers and believe in what he does. He has known about Kirk for a long time and has never revealed that he is gay because of his pretty good voting record. Rogers has been criticized for outing politicians but i think he has been right to do so. When you have people throwing their own under the bus they need to be exposed and taken down for the fraud that they are. It is just wrong plan and simple there is no excuse anymore.

read Mike Rogers article on Kirk here at blogactive

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