2 Tampa Officers Killed…

This is so sickening. During a routine traffic stop officers David Curtis and Jeff Kocab were shot and killed. Both officers were 31 years old. And to make matters worse Officer Curtis leaves behind a wife and four sons under the age of 9. Officer Kocab’s wife went into labor after hearing the tragic news about her husband’s murder. She delivered the couple’s first daughter: Lilly, on the day her husband was shot to death.

Police are on the hunt for suspect Dontae Morris. There is a

Curtis had pulled over a vehicle and found its male passenger had an outstanding warrant for “minor violations,” Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor told reporters Tuesday. Kocab responded to back Curtis up, and “as they put their hands on the suspect, the suspect spun around, pulled a firearm and shot both police officers,” she said.

Curtis pulled the car over because it had no license plate, authorities said in a statement. “Officer Curtis determined the passenger was wanted on a worthless check warrant” out of Jacksonville, Florida, the statement said. He called for backup and Kocab arrived. Both officers approached the vehicle on the passenger side.

Officers responding to a 9-1-1 call from a witness found both officers on the ground and began cardiopulmonary resuscitation, police said. Both were taken to Tampa General Hospital. Kocab was pronounced dead shortly after arrival, while Curtis was put on life support and later pronounced dead.

“Officer Kocab and Officer Curtis were outstanding. They went above and beyond the call of duty and they leave behind families that are just completely devastated by this,” the mayor said.

Tuesday afternoon, police named two people being sought for questioning in the case, saying in a statement that detectives believe they were “at the scene of the shooting.” The two were identified as Morris, 24, and Cortnee Nicole Brantly, 22. Authorities later said the woman had been taken into custody.

izz: I am so tired of this shit. What they should do is, when they find this animal they should take him to the center of town and let all the cops have at him and let everyone watch. Does it sound a little barbaric, yes it does but clearly conventional methods are not working on these scumbags. Now 2 wives have to live without their husbands and children have to grow up with out their fathers and parents have to bury their children because of scum like this. Enough is enough. Nor should we have to pay taxes for this piece of shit to sit in prison for the rest of his life or on death row for the next 20 years.
My heart goes out to their families…

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