Pope: Church’s Greatest Enemy Comes From Within

LISBON, Portugal (May 11) — In some of his most direct comments about priestly sex abuse, Pope Benedict XVI said today that the “terrifying” truth is that the Catholic Church’s “greatest persecution” has come from within its own ranks.

“The church has a deep need to learn to do penance, accept purification, and to learn to ask forgiveness,” he said. But he added that “forgiveness cannot be a substitute for justice.”
I find this particular statement despicable at best considering he and his “underlings” did everything in their power to bury all of the molestation cases, allegations and the millions of dollars in settlements. Not to mention moving priests form one parish to another and in a lot of cases putting them right back in direct contact with children only to molest again. “learn to ask for forgiveness”? Lets face it, the only reason he is saying this fluff, is because they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar, or should i say up an alter boys robe….where was all this asking for forgiveness during the years of these continuous cover ups? What about turning these pedophiles over to the authorities? They were only concerned with covering their own ass’s and the reputation of the church…

I find it very coincidental that he happens to be making a trip to Portugal this week knowing the President is making his decision next week on whether to sign the gay marriage bill into law. It’s comical how crafty they try to be, but how transparent they really are. However they are so arrogant they do not even care…
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