NOM is up to their nasty little tricks in Minn.

TV ad zeroes in on same-sex marriage

Keying off of a Minnesota lawsuit filed by three gay couples to protest the state prohibition against same-sex marriage, the National Organization for Marriage says it is running $200,000 worth of television ads to protest those who would “redefine marriage in Minnesota.”

The ad, from the National Organization for Marriage, says “leading DFL and Independence candidates for governor support homosexual marriage” and displays photos of Democrats Mark Dayton, Matt Entenza, Margaret Anderson Kelliher and the IP’s Tom Horner.

“Most DFL lawmakers don’t want you to have a say. When they ask for your support, ask them if they’ll guarantee your right to vote on marriage,” the ad backers advise.

The ad does not make clear that, in Minnesota, governors do not have the ability to “guarantee” the right to a popular vote, which would have to come in the form of a constitutional amendment. To get on the ballot, amendments require support from the majority of the Legislature but no sign-off from governors.

Tom Prichard of the Minnesota Family Council, which is coordinating with NOM, said that governors do appoint judges and can sign or veto legislation that would allow same-sex marriage. Prichard could not recall a previous Minnesota television ad that addressed the same-sex marriage issue.

People of Minnesota beware that this is the same scare tactics NOM use’s all the time. They manipulate their wording and when ever they want to cause hysteria and get people to vote against gay marriage because it’s “redefines” marriage and threatens “family values” they use children, it’s their only ammo. It’s funny how they are so heroically ”protecting” children when all they are really doing is USING and SACRIFICING them for their own selfish dirty religious deeds.

 Don’t be fooled Minnesota….

(deets via startribune)

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