N.J. School Board Bans Gay Book

A New Jersey school board voted to ban a gay-themed book from a high school library following a complaint from a local chapter of Glenn Beck’s 9.12 Project, a conservative group that asks visitors to its website to “Help us restore America.”

What is it that these nut cases are so afraid of? Here is the thing, if there are books about heterosexuality then the books are fine to be on the shelves? Do these crack pots really believe with the millions of gay people around the world that some kid is going to see a book on homosexuality and decide’s that he or she is going to be gay? The real shame this group should feel is that now a teenager at that school or any school they target, who may be feeling isolated or alone right now was just pushed further into despair and told “YES” your feelings are wrong, you are less then because of how your were born. I mean really, this go’s beyond ignorance. So much for looking out for our children….

I have tried to understand the “Fear” they so desperately dread from the evil gay’s being let loose on society and reeking havoc every where. When history has only shown that the gay’s are a peaceful, compassionate, productive people striving for equality for every one and have contributed greatly to this country and world.

I said before, that this goes beyond ignorance and it does. I believe they think if they do not follow what the Bible says then they are not going to get into heaven. Again a product of fear burned into them by the men of the cloth, preaching this is the only way to salvation and irregardless to what religion they follow.

The second fear, i believe is the questioning of ones own sexuality. I have seen this time and time again, it is a sad unfortunate theme that repeats it’s self over and over again. The men and women i know that are secure in their sexuality, have no issue with homosexuality. They are unaffected by it. Can i generalize and say that every single person who has an issue with homosexuality must somewhere deep down be fearful because they are questioning their own sexuality or has at one point? No, i can not. But i can only tell you what my experience has been. I think the examples of these politicians and preachers in the last few years has said it all, these married, conservative men, not only voting but staunchly advocating against gay rights and then one after another being caught having sex with men. What more do i have to say…

Oh and one more thing, Glenn Beck is an asshole…

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