Melissa Etheridge Fearless Love "Album Of the Summer"

Ok, there are 3 women in rock that are the end all for me. Stevie Nicks, Tracy Chapman and Melissa Etheridge. I love music, always have. There is nothing like that mixture of words and music to reach into your soul and rip out everything you are feeling, good or bad and these 3 have this insane power in doing that.

I remember the exact moment i heard Melissa Etheridge’s first album and i fell in love…I was over a friends house and the album had just come out, it was playing on the cd player, i was young but god, that album spoke to me…Nobody can write a song like her. Especially heartbreak :) and every album since has NEVER disappointed. Including this most recent one – “Fearless Love”. I am not going to over sell this album ( i have friend who tries to do that and it only drives people away) but the best way i can describe this album? It makes you want to get in the car, drop the top, crank up the speakers, scream and drive….it rocks from beginning to end…

I will be shuffling songs from the new album in my player on the side bar. Check out the first one Heaven On Earth….

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