Lawrence Taylor – WTF?

What is with these NFL players? Taylor was arrested on rape and prostitution charges, involving a 16 year old runaway girl held against her will….Not good….Look i have nothing against hiring prostitutes (its the oldest profession in the world after all!) but come on. First of all anyone knows most pimps are abusive to their prostitutes that’s how they control and and intimidate them, especially a 16 year old girl. Now, i’m not saying that Taylor knew she was 16, i mean lets face it, some times its hard to tell how old kids of today are but regardless, anytime a scumbag pimp is involved you know the girl is being abused to begin with. LT , stick to craigslist or (I’m sure George Rekers can help you there) like a normal person.

But all kidding aside, if this turns out to be all true, i hope that the parties responsible are prosecuted to the fullest and that girl gets the help she needs. It’s sickening, animals do not even treat each other this way…

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