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Study: Bad Odors Make People Anti-gay Marriage?

A team of psychologists and political scientists from the University of Arkansas have found that people are less likely to support gay marriage if they’re in an odorous environment. For a study whose results were published this month in the journal PLOS ONE, political science professor Patrick Stewart and his colleagues recruited 57 participants and assigned them to take questionnaires on their social and political views in either an odorless room or a disgusting-smelling one. For the unlucky volunteers assigned to the “disgusting odor” group, the researchers added drops of butyric acid—the chemical best known for giving human vomit its smell—on cotton pads and hid them around the room.

Why was money wasted on research like this? Wtf???   via Study: Disgusting Odors Make People Less Supportive of Gay Marriage | New Republic.

I could sniff him all day 😉


  1. bcooper

    i bet he smells of wet leather, smoked gouda, and a little bit of sweat

  2. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac05-25-2014

    Really — a ridiculous “study” indeed – and all of 57 participants — my my, big one.

    Meanwhile, some 20 years ago in a Swedish university they did a “smell test” and it seems that according to the heterosexuals gay men smelled “icky” — yep, “icky” was an answer in a science study.. Seems our pheramones or sweat or something just wasn’t all perfume-y to the heteros – and yet we thought we all smelled fine – That study involved some 90 people — was done once and never replicated anywhere. You can find that study on the net with a lot of searching

    As for the man in the picture — stop sniffing my guy!

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