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L.A. Pride: “New American Family” Billboard In Topeka, So Westboro Baptists Haters Don’t Feel Left Out.

Hilarious. L.A. PRIDE decided to promote this years gay pride weekend on billboards, not in LA but in and even better place: Topeka Kansas, home of the Westboro Baptist, inbred Phelps Klan.  The billboards show a picture of “The New American Family,” which feature models representing the LGBT community including a gay dad, a transgender mom, a grandmother in drag, and two children.

But these billboards aren’t in Los Angeles — they’re currently running in and around the Tokpeka, KS area, where the Westboro Baptist Church is headquartered. The ads are a fun jab at the members of the Westboro Baptist Church, who will be in town to protest, as they do every year.

Gays are FUNNY.

via L.A. Pride Runs “New American Family” Billboard In Topeka For Westboro / Queerty.


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  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac05-25-2014

    so — we’re FINALLY promoting “homosexuality” eh? hahaha — good.

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