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Anti-Gay Marriage Roberto Arango Comes Out Gay

Former Puerto Rico State Senator Roberto Arango has publicly announced he’s gay. Arango voted against gay rights and supported a constitutional ban on gay marriage.

In a radio interview with Noti UNO, Arango insisted that he had not been asked whether he’s gay.

“The day someone asks me, I will give a reply,” he said. “In that respect, I have nothing to hide.”

“Are you a homosexual?” he was asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

In resigning from his post three years ago in the wake of a gay sex scandal, Arango, a Republican with a record of supporting anti-gay legislation, blamed his enemies for his downfall and stated that he was taking nude photos of himself to document his weight loss….Don’t we all…;)


via Roberto Arango Comes Out Gay 3 Years After Naked Pictures Appeared On Grindr – On Top Magazine | Gay news & entertainment.

  1. jjgg5

    First, we must stop hating ourselves before we can do anything for our community.

    • Izzoiz

      Ain’t that the truth! However, it’s harder to forgive when some one goes out of their way to denounce/deny the LGBT equal rights in order to get ahead politically. Sticking ones head in the sand if far more forgivable than promoting discrimination against your own.

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