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US Olympic Skater Jeremy Abbott says it’s rude not to respect Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws.

6a00d8341c730253ef0192acc02a2d970d-200wiUS figure skater Jeremy Abbott is planing on respecting the Russia’s anti-gay law because he does not want to be “rude” WTF?

Abbott spewed this stupidity to the Denver Post:

“Russia is hosting us,” Abbott said. “I’m not going to go into somebody’s house and be like, ‘Um, the way you decorate is hideous, and you need to completely redo this or I’m never coming back.’ It’s a little rude, so I don’t want to say bad things about a country that’s hosting the world, essentially. “Maybe I don’t agree with their policies, and maybe I don’t agree with some things, but that’s for them to sort out. My speaking out just makes me look like an ass.”

Comparing the denial of civil rights which have lead to widespread anti-gay attacks/hate crimes to “hideous” decorating, is RUDE…”Maybe” he doesn’t agree with their policies? Does he even know what the Anti-gay propaganda law is?  Would he advise African Americans to sit in the back of the bus or use a separate water fountain if the Olympics were in the south and those laws were intact today? 

One thing he did get correct,  His speaking out definitely makes him look like an ASS.

Abbott adds that he’s thankful there isn’t a boycott:

“Thank God, being an athlete and having trained so long for this, I would just be crushed if that was taken away,” Abbott said. “Pulling athletes out of a competitive event isn’t going to solve some country’s political disputes. It’s only going to affect the athletes, and it’s not going to do anything to change their policies or change the country or change the world.”

Yeah, I hear ya honey. This is such a MINOR thing. Your  being “crushed” over not competing in the Olympics is far more important than the human atrocities, denial of civil rights and everyday fear that the LGBT people of Russia are suffering.

I don’t deny that it is an athlete’s dream to go to the Olympics. It is what they have trained for their entire lives. I get it. But seriously- a gold medal over peoples lives?  Ignorance is not only bliss, its EMBARASSING. Who are his PR people? The National Organization for Marriage?

via US Skater Jeremy Abbott Compares Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws to Interior Decorating, Won’t Criticize| Gay News | Towleroad.

  1. stranded

    I don’t think what he said is so bad. He obviously doesn’t understand the severity of the anti-gay movement going on over there. To an extent, i can see what he’s saying. Germany held the 1936 summer olympics under the rule of the Nazi party. There was large boycott movement in the U.S. but we ended up competing anyway and african american Jesse Owen took the gold right in front of Hitler’s face who wanted to use the olympics and proof of germany’s racial superiority. Let history repeat itself. Let our athlete’s compete and hopefully there’s a LGBT or LGBT friendly athlete who has the skills to bring home gold.

    • Izzoiz

      I understand what you are saying, but We live in a different time now. We know better. There is no excuse that the games are still being held in Russia. Trust me if this law was anti-black or anti-semitic, the Olympic Committee would yank these games faster than you and i could blink. The same goes for Abbott, he should know better. People are being brutalized and denied equal rights. We do not live in a world of 1936 anymore, even if Russia does.

  2. skatingfan

    I think it’s funny he assumes he’ll make the Olympic team, he couldn’t even make the world team last year. Have fun watching from your living room Jeremy. He’s a one trick pony, everytime he competes in a important international competition (Olympics and Worlds) he chokes.

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