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Dad accused of homophobia for not buying son a princess DVD.

HebNYApWhile in line a Wal-Mart, a stranger accused a father of homophobia for not buying his toddler son a “Sofia the First” DVD, for  fear that his son may grow up gay. 

Sam’s dad was not having hit and handed the busybody his a$$.


via Dad’s Story Of Getting His Son A ‘Sofia The First’ DVD Puts Him Up For Father Of The Year (PHOTO).

  1. Greg

    I don’t normally comment on things like this, but you COMPLETELY twisted this ENTIRE thing around. The father wasn’t accused of being homophobic, the random stranger was being homophobic. The father supported and defended his son beautifully. The MORON switched lines and an old lady, moved by the father’s defense bought the boy a movie. Did you even read the story?

    • Izzoiz

      Greg, i think you need to reread the story yourself, the gay guy was INSINUATING that the father was homophobic for not buying the dvd, there for the reason for the post title. if you read the post correctly, i clearly stated how the father handed the busybody his ass. which i loved every minute of.

      again, the gay guys was accusing the father of being a homophobe. it was made perfectly clear.

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