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Tim Tebow lined up to speak at another Anti-Gay organization: Liberty University.

tim-tebow-tradeTim Tebow recently pulled out of an appearance he was due to make at anti-gay mega monster Robert Jeffress’  Baptist church “due to new information” he received regarding Jeffress’ hateful views on EVERYTHING.  However now Tebow is speaking at Liberty University this month at a men’s issues conference.

The school was founded by dead as a door nail, nasty anti-gay queen Jerry Falwell and is now ran by his son, who is no better than his nasty father was. Jerry Foul-well senior,  blamed gays and liberals for the September 11 attacks, supported racist laws in the U.S. and abroad and attacked the Teletubbies for “modeling the gay life style.”

I know that Tebow is a single, “virgin” twenty something christian male, and blah blah blah, but anyone who would associate themselves with a place that hideously promotes discrimination, should really be ashamed of themselves.  


via Tim Tebow Scheduled to Address another Anti-Gay Venue: Liberty University | Right Wing Watch.

  1. Sozo

    He’s a virgin about as much as I am a straight black woman! You’re right though, he should be ashamed of himself.

    • Izzoiz


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