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Former MLB Pitcher tells gay players to Stay in the Closet.

mark_knudsonx400Former MLB pitcher Mark Knudson, joins a minority group of anti-gay athletes that live in an ignorant dumb-ass alternate universe. 

In a column published Thursday on website Mile High Sports, Knudson claims that a gay player will ultimately become attracted to a teammate and it will cause complete chaos in the locker room and make other REAL men uncomfortable and causing “internal strife and locker room drama,”. But let him tell you in his own words:

“That’s why it remains the best option for any homosexual athlete in a team sport to keep his orientation private,” Knudson writes. “He’s doing what’s best for himself by doing what’s best for the team.”

First off, the use of homosexual as apposed to using gay, right off the bat, sends signs of homophobic. No friend of Dorothy’s uses that term. Referring to gay people as homosexuals in statements like his, is like referring to African American’s as Coloreds.  

USA Today sportswriter Ted Berg, says “If there are in fact closeted gay guys in the clubhouse who can’t keep their eyes off super-hot teammates like Mark Knudson … then what difference does it make if the gay teammates are out or not? Wouldn’t Knudson, as an attractive person, know either way?” Berg writes. “So it seems like his actual suggestion, then, is not that gay baseball players keep their sexuality to themselves so much as that gay baseball players just not be gay.”

I could go on about the stupidity of Knudson. But my only advice to him would be to take his dick out of his hand, turn off the gay porn and enjoy the real thing. :)


via Former MLB Pitcher: Stay in the Closet, Gay Teammates | Advocate.com.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac03-02-2013

    It seems hetero men often are deluded to think they are so attractive that we would fling ourselves at them — and then they are so deluded that they think they can’t fight off the sissies. It’s weird.

    • Izzoiz

      LOLS. that is so true! “deluded” i love it

  2. dw

    yes! another useless article from an irrelevant person. This guy hasnt played baseball for 10 years and his last season sucked. He should have no say so in anything right now

    Also, i think him saying homosexual instead of gay is NOTHING like coloreds vs african americans. This coming from a black mans fingers 😉

    • Izzoiz

      lols. thanks for commenting. However the tone of homosexual being used in that context is the same. Referring to people as homosexuals is antiquated and has a negative aversion to it. One does not refer to African Americans as colored people anymore, it is inappropriate and antiquated.

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