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Prop8 and doma case granted buy Scotus….Uggg!!!!

The court has posted a ruling on prop 8 and doma. Cali gay couples will not have a resolution until next June. Even though the lawyers for our side wanted this. It’s disgusting. This has gone on long enough.


  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac12-07-2012

    It’s not “disgusting” — it’s what the court does — they start to think about which cases they will hear back in October, and finish up around now. Then, they take a break. Then, arguments are heard, and then, well, starting in June of each year come the decisions. It’s normal, it’s standard, nothing to worry about.

    Meanwhile, no matter how they rule, it’ll be years before it”s all done — one could go through the variables — but, if you’re this impatient now, what will you do when it drags on for oh, 10 more years?

    Don’t worry impatient youth — I’ve been waiting since 1973 — I haven’t freaked yet — I’m sure you can last till June.

    if it helps, here’s some Israeli advice: The impossible takes a little longer.

  2. chuck

    I agree. Another 6 months is ridiculous!

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