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D-Bag of the day: Nebraska Catholic Archbishop fighting to Remove Housing Nondiscrimination Protections…

George Lucas, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Omaha, Nebraska, is trying his damnedest to repeal the city’s sexual orientation nondiscrimination ordinance, which was passed in March.

An anti-LGBT conservative group called the Heritage Coalition is working to beat back the protections, which Ford notes they were able to do successfully last month in Lincoln.

Archbishop Lucas sent a letter to every parish priest in his diocese, explaining that the Heritage Coalition needs to collect 12,000 signatures in order to force a referendum on the ordinance in spring 2013, and that they should feel free to devote parish time and resources to the Coalition’s signature-gathering effort, should they so choose. A local conservative blog posted the text of Lucas’s letter, which I’ve reproduced in full below (emphases mine):

What a scumbag…So deserves our Douchebag of the day award…

via Truth Wins Out – BREAKING: Nebraska Catholic Archbishop Spearheading Charge to Remove Housing Nondiscrimination Protections.

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