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Teen fights off 3 attackers in anti-hate crime…

A 16-year-old kid was attacked and stabbed outside the Howard Theatre at 6th and T streets in D.C. on Tuesday night police say. 3 scumbags have been charged with the crime. A woman and two men, were charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. Police say the incident was an anti-gay hate crime.

Police spokesperson Gwendolyn Crump identified the three defendants as Ali Jackson, 19; Alvonica Jackson, 25; and Desmond Campbell, 33.

A witness reported seeing Ali Jackson stab the victim in the left bicep, lower back, and left leg after Campbell grabbed the victim from behind and held him in a “headlock.” The affidavit says Alvonica Jackson assisted Campbell in holding the victim against his will as the stabbing took place.

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While the three defendants approached the victim, Ali Jackson “made several homophobic slurs directed at the [victim],” the affidavit says.

The victim then “produced a can of pepper spray and sprayed all three defendants, who fled the location after being sprayed,” the affidavit reports the witnesses as saying.

You go girl! Love it. 

The victim was treated for his wounds at a local hospital and then released.

via Stabbing outside D.C.’s Howard Theater listed as anti-gay hate crime | Washington Blade – America’s Leading Gay News Source.

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