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the Home Coming gay marine kiss causing Controversy?

When i first read the headline on Yahoo, i thought omg here we go it is going to be the talk of  every news outlet on the net and tv and since i was traveling yesterday i did not really read much of the news. However when i wastched the clip this morning, i thought to myself “are they kidding” anything can be made  into a controversy if you make it.  A local news channel in Oakdale Ca, where Brandon Morgan is from, ran an audio clip of an interview with his mother over her concerns about biggoted people filled with hate towards gay (Rick San-tor-my- bum anyone) causing harm to her son. Which i a very legitamite concern. They also showed interviews with people on the street and the one negative they interview was some stupid bitch who of course started it  with “i’m a christian and i don’t believe….” Bitch go get laid.

There is going to be trash like the above who will always use their god fearing “morals” and i use that loosely because those people more often than not tend to be the dirtiest mother effers around, to condemn everyone else. But really, this is not a controversy at all…

Brandon Morgan has fought to protect our freedoms in this country (all of us) and has signed up for another tour. I wonder how many of those bigots especially the bitch above have done that? That is okay but god for bid he should have equal rights?

watch the video below…


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