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Pope gets his own cologne…Ewww…

Who would want to smell like a bigot??

Italian celebrity perfume-maker Silvana Casoli, is designing a scent for Pope Benedict XVI.

Known for creating a number of perfumes that can be used by both men and women with names like Chocolat Bambola (Chocolate doll) and Vanilla Bourbon, Casoli has designed unique fragrances for famous personalities like Madonna and Sting.

Speaking to Rome’s daily paper, Il Messaggero, Casoli said that the name of the pope’s specially-commissioned scent is top secret and she is not allowed to divulge all its ingredients. She did, however, reveal that she was inspired by the pope’s love of “nature” and used a blend of fragrances from lime-wood, verbena and grass.

“I love speaking of my work,” said Casoli, “but this time I can’t. I am very devoted to the Holy Father.” She promises his special cologne will never be reproduced for anyone else.

Lets guess the name, shall we? I say “Scent of an Alter boy”,  anyone?

via Pope Benedict’s Custom Made Cologne – ABC News.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac03-21-2012

    Grass, eh? Smokeable grass? Or grass that’s been peed on by a herd of horses? I mean really, people are hungry, homeless, destitute, and the man spends money on his own perfume — when no one is allowed within 20 feet of him? Egad.

  2. Badge Society
    Badge Society03-21-2012

    “Dusty Balls” by thapope

    Badge Society LGBT Forum

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