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Ugandan official says ‘kill the gays’ bill ‘not being reconsidered’ Do we believe this Crap???

Uganda’s ambassador to the United States blasted the head of the United Negro College Fund for sending him an “incendiary” letter last week asking him to discuss an anti-homosexuality bill introduced in the Uganda Parliament in his scheduled speech at a Martin Luther King Day event sponsored by the Fund.

Ambassador Perezi K. Kamunanwire responded to that letter by withdrawing as keynote speaker at the King Day event, held Monday morning in Greenbelt, Md. In his own letter, he said United Negro College Fund president and CEO, Michael L. Lomax, “blindsided and startled” him with Lomax’s Jan. 12 letter raising the issue of the anti-homosexuality bill.

In addition, Kamunanwire claims in the letter that the Ugandan Parliament is not planning to reconsider a bill that would impose the death penalty for homosexual acts.

The ambassador, a former college professor who has taught at U.S. universities, said in his letter that he had been invited to speak on education-related issues at the King Day event.

Honey child, if the bill has been killed then why would you feel “blind sided” and with a  gasp “startled” by the issue being raised? One would think that you would have been proud to stand up and relay the news of the kill gays bill being bagged. I always say, where there is smoke there is fire, where there is poppers there is a bottom and when there is a “straight” man working in a gay bar, there is just one drink away from a teabagging…

via Ugandan official says ‘kill the gays’ bill ‘not being reconsidered’ | Washington Blade – America’s Leading Gay News Source.

  1. Badge Society
    Badge Society01-19-2012

    They are just trying to hide their ant-gay propaganda while still trying to remain civilized.

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