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Sally Kern Fears for her life because of mean gays…

Oh honey girl shit face, let me say two things that should ease your mind. First off, anyone with the amount of hate toward gays as you have or any group for that matter, out there on the front line whipping your diarrhea mouth comments through a fan, should be scared. It just goes with the territory. However us “terrorist gays” do not act like the same pigs you and your cohorts do. No gay is going to trade their Prada & Armani fall wardrobes (those are fashion designers)  for prison blues in order to kill a peace of scumbag trash like yourself. You are simply NOT that important. Quite honestly irrelevant. 

Shit Kern-al was on Wallbuilders Live with host David Anti-gay bitch Barton and related how “fear gripped her body” when she realized all the angry hat mail she gets from gays. 

Barton: With all of the protection we have for free speech, there’s still a number of areas where you’re not free to speak out on certain things. If you touch homosexuality, be prepared to pay a price, not just attacks, it’s gonna cost you economically, other things as well, may cost your life. This is, the way people respond to what you say about homosexuality if you criticize it and we got Sally Kern today, State Rep from Oklahoma who experienced that first time, what happens if you exercise your right of free speech and happen to say something disparaging about homosexuality.

Kern: I have to be honest with you Rick, when I was sitting there in my car that day and when she told me that those emails were coming from homosexuals, honestly, fear gripped by whole body, because I was very aware of the homosexual lobbyists and the power that they have. And people say, ‘oh you’re so brave, so heroic,’ but I’m not, I’m just a sinner saved by grace and I was gripped with fear that day. I just said, ‘Lord, what have I done?’

Green: And not just I would think not just fear, not a political fear, physical fear; there’s a militant agenda out there as well.

Kern: It entered our mind but honestly, and I mentioned this in the book, the Saturday night when my husband and I sit down and really talked about this and prayed about it, when we asked ourselves the question, are we willing to even lose our lives over this? I can’t tell you, Rick, how liberating that was, it really was. full deets here



  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac10-13-2011

    They call us “Militants” and “Jihadis” daily, and we have yet to so much as pack a pistol in our Speedos — I mean, really, we gays are the most gun shy people I’ve ever encountered. Pacifists and peaceniks are more violent than us, for heaven’s sake. Why, not a gay parade ever was violent. What are we going to do, tickle her to death?

    Meanwhile, she is telling all her gay constituents that they are “evil” “sick” and “disgusting” and such, and she wonders why some gay folks tell her to go to hell? Are we not entitled to redress our grievances? And she does give cause for grief indeed. And why has she not turned over any of these “Death threats” to the local police there, or to the FBI or somebody? Do these people really believe this? Are they this out of their minds? Apparently so, apparently so. I pity the poor woman, and do hope she gets the counseling she needs.

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