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Anita Bryant is Alive and Still Gay Hating…

Just the other day in one of my posts i made a snarky comment about where is Anita Bryant Tyrant today, well i no more then said that and would you believe the gay hating, Faggie Gallagher prequel, Harvey Milk defeated foe is returning to the stage this weekend in a, get this, anti-gay loving festival? Yup. Tyrant will be preforming a bunch of “Patriotic” songs, if you can imagine, at the two-day conference July 9th and 10th calling for a return to America‚Äôs Christian heritage, a crusade against Muslims and gays, and will coincide with the first ever Patriot Pastors Tea Party. Can you just barf or what? The headliner for the event is the widely discredited David Barton, who has gained criticism for speaking at Christian Identity gatherings that called for the execution of homosexuals. 
Tyrant has long since faded from the spot light. Her anti-gay hate ruined her once successful career. Coke and Florida Orange juice dropped her ass and her record company soon followed. She completely dropped out of the lime light, because attitudes toward the gays changed and she became the villainous face of homophobia. It was a severe backlash against her and she deserved every ounce of it. Apparently she has left a trail of dirty deeds over the years. Ruining people financially, writing bad checks, their are current warrants out for her arrest. Oh yes. She’s a real Christian woman isn’t she?
One last note. Years back when Kathy Lee Gifford was still on Live with Regis. They were blabbing about their weekend and Kathy Lee went on about how she was with her “Friend” Anita Bryant. Well as you know Gifford has always been a bible beater herself, but it was the way she went on about her, talking about Bryant as if she was the victim and how her career suffered and how she suffered personally and had hard times. And I’m thinking, Bitch, two men died from gun shots because of the hate and hysteria that bitch started. I have never like Kathy Lee since! As if that could be the only reason :)

But to get all the current misbehavings of Anita Tyrant you must go to Gossip-boy. They have the best article on this skank and the details.

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